FSC® and PEFC certified windows and doors

Firstly thank you to ABL Doors & Windows for providing us with this case study on your FSC® and PEFC certified windows and doors.

Since 2003, ABL doors have been supplying and fitting precision-hung door sets. For housing developers, builders, and regional authorities on a local and national scale. Providing great value whilst also taking the hassle out of the door fitting process, in both new-build and renovation projects.

ABL doors were founded when Andy Williams, previously of the UK’s largest door slab manufacturer Premdor, spotted a frustration in the housing development market with the way that doors were sourced and fitted.

He noticed that the existing way the UK development market worked when it came to door hanging was slow, expensive, and inaccurate.

Taking inspiration from continental Europe and The USA, he decided to pursue the idea of precision-hanging doors in a factory setting. Simply installing a full, pre-hung doorset, consisting of frame, slab & furniture.

What drove you to obtain Certification?

Sustainability was our main driver for obtaining certification.

How have you found the process with Interface?

Excellent service as always

What benefits do you feel certification brings to your business?

Both FSC® and PEFC certification most importantly help us secure contracts with large housing developers. This is primarily due to an increase in the requirement of using sustainable products.

Stephanie Gipp


ABL Doors & Windows Ltd