Cheshire Mouldings & Woodturnings Limited

Cheshire Mouldings & Woodturnings Limited Company Overview

Cheshire Mouldings & Woodturnings Limited, a leading mouldings and Stairparts manufacturer based in St Helens, UK, has been at the forefront of the industry for 34 years. With a deep understanding of the importance of certification and responsible timber sourcing, Cheshire Mouldings has taken proactive steps to ensure they meet industry standards and contribute to sustainable practices.

Commitment to Certification

Recognising the importance of certification and responsible timber sourcing, Cheshire Mouldings made a conscious decision to obtain certification. As a company that has been in business for several decades, they understand the significance of upholding industry standards and ensuring sustainable practices.

Choosing Interface for Certification

When selecting a certification body, Cheshire Mouldings was attracted to Interface due to their straightforward approach and dedication to customer service. Interface stood out from other certification bodies because of their commitment to supporting businesses in their development and improvement journey.

Seamless Process with Interface

Cheshire Mouldings found the process with Interface to be efficient and seamless. The team at Interface provided the guidance and expertise needed to navigate the certification process smoothly. Ensuring minimal disruptions to Cheshire Mouldings’ operations.

Benefits of Certification

The benefits of certification for Cheshire Mouldings are manifold. In an industry where appropriate competencies are essential, certification sets them apart from their competitors. It demonstrates their commitment to responsible timber sourcing and sustainable practices. Giving customers the assurance that they are choosing a reliable and conscientious supplier.