Kinetic Communications Ltd

Kinetic Communications Ltd

Kinetic Communications Ltd specialises in developing and implementing effective PR and communications strategies and campaigns that help businesses stand out and achieve growth.

They pride themselves on their systematic approach to campaigns, ensuring consistent excellence and impressive returns on clients’ investments. This commitment to routine performance has resulted in satisfied clients who can rely on the company’s consistent delivery. Additionally, they have proven to be a highly profitable consultancy, with a 20% EBITDA.

Interface NRM

We decided to go with Interface NRM for our business because it is conveniently located near us. Additionally, the company has received numerous positive reviews from clients, which immediately caught our attention and made us interested in working with them.

John from Interface NRM provided excellent service, making us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the day. He was approachable and friendly, always willing to answer our questions and engage in further discussions.

Interface NRM has been a valuable advisor, helping us improve over the years, and we are excited to work with them again in the future.

In addition to establishing our company’s credibility, we believe that obtaining this certification helps to foster trust among our clients and potential customers.