Fixmart Limited


Fixmart Limited

Recently, Fixmart Limited, spearheaded by Debbie Gilbertson, has taken significant steps to reinforce its dedication to quality and safety by pursuing ISO certification through us at Interface NRM. Fixmart is known for its comprehensive array of fixings, cable and pipe support systems, containment solutions, and site equipment, and is a trusted supplier to contractors and installers across the UK. The pursuit of ISO certification underscores the company’s dedication to delivering superior quality assurance, alongside its commitment to environmental sustainability and health & safety standards.

Certification Services

Debbie Gilbertson, has praised us for our exceptional UK-based certification services, highlighting the simplicity, efficiency and swift responses from our team, all with a high level of professionalism. Her experience was so positive that she expressed enthusiasm about recommending Interface NRM to other businesses in need of certification.


This feedback is a testament to our commitment to maintaining high service standards, emphasising the importance of a straightforward and efficient certification process. The accolades from Debbie serve not only as a confirmation of our quality services but also spotlight the critical role of ISO certification in bolstering a company’s credibility and reliability in today’s competitive market.