FSC® and PEFC certification Summers Joinery Ltd

FSC® and PEFC certification Summers Joinery Ltd

Firstly thank you for providing this case study on FSC® and PEFC certification for Summers Joinery Ltd.

Founded in 1973, Summers Joinery Ltd has supplied high-quality joinery across the UK for over forty years.

Based at an industrial site in Coventry, the company has consistently grown over the years and, having expanded its factory and workshop space twice in the past decade, the company’s working site now covers some 14,000 square feet for craftsmen and joiners.

What drove you to obtain FSC® and PEFC certification?

We want to obtain FSC and PEFC certification to allow us to be more sustainable and accommodate a wider variety of projects.

What attracted you to use Interface NRM?

The knowledge of the whole team attracted us to use Interface NRM as our Certification Body.

How have you found the process with Interface?

Really helpful team and great service.

What benefits do you feel FSC® and PEFC certification brings to your business?

Both FSC and PEFC certification allows us to keep up with the ever-growing requirement for projects to be more environmentally conscious.

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