Timber distribution and FSC® Certification

Firstly many thanks to Jason Mead for providing this case study on timber distribution and FSC® Certification.

Palmer Timber Limited

Palmer Timber Limited are an importer/distributor of timber, based in the West Midlands.

What drove you to obtain FSC Certification?

We have always been a very forward-looking company and adopted the scheme in its very early days. We understood the importance of sustainability in our product chain. Being able to confidently demonstrate our commitment to that sustainability by supplying our customer base certified material meant it was something we had to be involved with.

What attracted you to use Interface for your Certification?

Interface offered a one-stop solution for all of our certification needs. Firstly, their offices are not too far away if we require a face to face meeting. However, in truth, their communication has always been first-rate so this has never actually been required.

How have you found the process with Interface?

Outstanding. Any query we have regarding certification is answered immediately. Even now, after 25 years of being certified we still have questions that require clarification. Interface never fails to point us in the right direction.

What benefits do you feel certification brings to your business?

With the increasing news coverage of environmental matters and a better understanding from our customers of the importance of ethically sourced material in our supply chain. I would argue that in 2022 we would not be able to operate without FSC certification, it is that important. Without FSC certification we would simply not be able to supply some of our biggest clients. It would catastrophically inhibit the growth of the company. So when you ask what are the benefits to our company, I would counter that with are there any benefits to NOT being certified?