PEFC Certification for Packaging Manufacturers

Thank you to Parkside Flexibles for providing this case study about PEFC Certification for Packaging Manufacturers.

Parkside Flexibles is an independent Flexible Packaging Manufacturer based in Normanton, West Yorkshire in the UK.

Their products are distributed into a wide range of food and also non-food sectors.

They combine flexographic printing with lamination, laser, and intelligent technologies. Delivering advanced packaging expertise across a range of markets.

What drove you to obtain PEFC Certification?

We are the market leaders in the production of home and industrially compostable packaging.

Within our compostable packaging, we use wood pulp-based products. As a result, we needed to ensure that the materials we buy are from sustainably managed forests.

To do this we felt that it was imperative that we were part of the sustainable chain of custody.

What attracted you to use Interface for your Certification?

Interface was recommended to Parkside.

How have you found the process with Interface?

From the initial meeting to discuss what is required to achieve the certificate to the final audit, the process was straightforward and easy to follow.

What benefits do you feel certification brings to your business?

PEFC Certification shows our commitment to using only the most sustainably sourced wood pulp. In addition to this, it backs up the credentials of our compostable materials.

Mark Shaw

NPD Technical Manager

Parkside Flexibles (Europe and Asia) Ltd