FSC® and PEFC certificate transfer from the packaging industry

Firstly thank you to Cartonage for providing us with this case study, on your FSC® and PEFC certificate transfer from the packaging industry.

Cartonage is a British company that designs & manufactures cardboard folding cartons predominantly, but not exclusively, for the EU food industry.

Established in 1995 by an entrepreneurial constructional carton designer – Phil Webster, Cartonage remains a customer-focused privately owned business where all the key shareholders still remain actively involved in the business today, this includes Phil’s son & his daughter. Initially operating from a site in Leeds the business was relocated to Dewsbury in 2007 to a facility that was ‘purpose built’ to meet the exacting standards of modern carton design & manufacture.

Cartonage has an additional associate folding carton business – KOJ Packaging Ltd. KOJ Packaging is based in a new location 5 miles from the current Cartonage factory.

KOJ has been owned by directors Andrew Eastham & Alan Pounder since 2004. In 2008, they, together with Phil Webster, established the current Cartonage/KOJ business. KOJ is a smaller ‘mirror image’ of the main Cartonage manufacturing site in terms of plant & capability and forms a key part of the business risk management strategy in terms of contingency for continuity of supply.

The company is proud of its heritage & continues to forge long-standing relationships with a valued & broad customer base which includes UK food retailers.

What drove you to obtain FSC® and PEFC Certification?

It was a customer requirement/demand which initially drove us to obtain Certification. However, once we achieved certification and a better understanding of the ethics of sourcing & traceability we realised the benefits and also gained confidence in supply.

What attracted you to use Interface for your certificate transfer?

Their 5-star customer reviews on Trustpilot and also their competitive price.

How have you found the process with Interface?

Very good. Their approval of the logo use in particular is quick and easy. The feedback they provide on the usage is also very helpful.

What benefits do you feel certification brings to your business?

Firstly it shows that we have good standards. Secondly, it allows us to appeal to customers who require certification.

Sharon Tomlinson

Technical manager

Cartonage Ltd