FSC Certification in the printing industry

FSC Certification in the printing industry

Johnsons of Nantwich – decades of experience

Johnsons of Nantwich was founded in 1827 by Thomas H Johnson in the days when George IV was in power and the Victorian era was 10 years in the future.

Believed to be one of the oldest printers in the UK, Johnsons has never been slow to adopt new technology. We boast a versatile and varied array of printing resources. Today both litho and digital printing presses are based at the Nantwich town centre site.  With a comprehensive Large Format print unit in Crewe, Cheshire. Both departments print for some of the largest companies in the UK and Europe.

With an experienced staff of over thirty, our designers, print operators, and finishers have exceptional knowledge of both traditional and the latest print techniques.

In recent years there has been a program of investment in high-end specialist machinery and technology. This has put Johnsons at the forefront of colour and image critical printing.

Our commitment to excellence will give customers the peace of mind that their job will be completed to the very highest standard.

Today, the current management team has remained unaltered for over 2 decades.

The Managing Director is John McMillan. The Production Director is Stephen Preston.

For over 190 years, Johnsons Printers in Cheshire has embraced technology to consistently deliver quality and value. Whether it’s litho print, digital print, or wide format print, quality product and service is our focus.

What drove you to obtain FSC Certification?

We have always been particular about the paper we use for printing. We only use high-quality paper because it aids production efficiency on press and gives the client a high-quality end product. Most of the paper we buy is from FSC sources.

We are also keen to do the right thing and make sure our environmental policies are adequate.

Obtaining FSC Certification was to enable us to use the FSC Label on our printed products. This demonstrates that we are an environmentally responsible company. Also that we are able to produce a print that requires the FSC claim.

What attracted you to use Interface for your FSC Certification?

We used a consultant to guide us through the process of obtaining FSC Certification, and he gave us a shortlist of Certification Bodies that we might choose.

The consultant hadn’t dealt with Interface previously so the choice was simply down the fast responsive way Interface handled our first contact enquiry. Your prompt attention and speedy response impressed us and bode well for dealing with you during the Certification process.

How have you found the process with Interface?

We were very impressed with the responsiveness of all your staff, from admin to Ryan Brayshaw the auditor to Mike Greenland who was overseeing the audit.

We found them very easy to deal with and very clear in their demands and requirements which made the whole process very smooth and efficient.

What benefits do you feel certification brings to your business?

The benefits FSC Certification brings to our business is that we are able to advertise ourselves as an environmentally responsible company, championing the protection of the World’s Forests. It’s very important in this modern world to protect our environment. FSC is a key part of doing that.

We also hope that our customers are concerned about the environment too and seeing that Johnsons are FSC Certified might give us the advantage to win work and keep our company strong.

Sean Galway


Johnsons Printers