Celebrating Our Journey to Employee Ownership

Celebrating Our Journey to Employee Ownership and Looking Forward to EO Day 2024

At Interface NRM, we’re not just committed to providing top-tier UKAS-Accredited Certification Services in key standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, FSC® and PEFC – we’re also dedicated to a unique business model that sets us apart in our industry. Since 2021, we’ve been proud to operate as an employee-owned company, a decision that has fundamentally shaped our culture, operations and the way we engage with our clients.

The impact of being employee-owned

Adopting an employee ownership model has brought numerous advantages. It’s improved our decision-making processes, made our operation more agile, and fostered an environment where new ideas are eagerly shared and explored. This approach hasn’t just benefitted us internally; it’s also aligned with the values of our clients who appreciate knowing that their certification partner is as committed to ethical and sustainable business practices as we are.

EO Day 2024

EO Day is a significant event for us and the broader community of employee-owned businesses across the UK. Held annually on June 21st, it celebrates the contributions and successes of employee-owned companies. FOR EO Day 2024, we’re excited to participate in and host activities that highlight the positive impact of employee ownership on our company and the industry at large. It’s a day for reflection, celebration, and community engagement, showcasing the strength and potential of our business model.

Moving forward

Our transition to employee ownership has been a rewarding journey, reinforcing our belief in the model’s ability to drive business success. As we approach EO Day 2024, we’re reminded of the progress we’ve made and the opportunities that lie ahead.

To learn more about our services, our approach to employee ownership, and our plans for EO day 2024, visit our website. We’re eager to share our story and inspire other companies to consider how employee ownership might transform their operations and corporate ethos.

EO Day 2024 isn’t just a celebration for us; it’s a testament to what businesses can achieve when employees are not just contributors but co-owners of their company’s vision and future.

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