UKAS ISO 14001 Certification

UKAS ISO 14001 Certification

Introducing an environmental management system will show your dedication to cutting the effects of global climate change. Whether you’re a one-person business, SME or a multi-national corporation, everyone can do their bit to change and control the energy they use and its impact on the planet. The focus on ISO 14001 EMS is primarily energy usage control, so you can verify your carbon footprint and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. After implementing ISO 14001, you can confidently report your carbon footprint and create realistic goals for its reduction year after year.

ISO 14001 EMS can also improve your credibility as a company. The environment should be a priority, so by showing that you’ve committed to an EMS you can improve your client relationships. It can also strengthen your ties with stakeholders, open up more markets and increase your success with winning tenders.

If that is not enough to convince you, then you should bear in mind the great savings that can be made by implementing Environmental Management Systems. Focusing on controlling your energy usage and the amount of waste you produce goes hand-in-hand with cost reduction for the running of your business.

Ensure your Certification Body is UKAS Accredited

With the launch of the UKAS CertCheck, it’s never been more important to ensure that your Certification is UKAS Accredited.

CertCheck is a publicly available database which can be used for immediate validation of UKAS Certifications.

This is hugely beneficial to all UKAS Accredited Certificate Holders for many reasons:

Firstly it will assist in combatting fraudulent claims of UKAS accredited certification.

It will give your customers and stakeholders confidence that your certification is valid.

CertCheck will streamline supply chain or supplier vetting services who wish to verify certification claims.

This in turn means that organisations holding UKAS accredited certification should find it easier to be accepted as approved suppliers.

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