The importance of accredited certification

The importance of accredited certification

The importance of accredited certification

UKAS has published its quarterly newsletter this week. As part of this is a section on the importance of accredited certification.

You can read the full newsletter here.

UKAS accredited certification

Industry and public sector bodies are due to publish a statement in late October.

This statement will recommend that organisations requiring conformity assessment should use a Certification Body who are accredited by an appropriate accreditation body I.E. UKAS.

You can also read more about this on the UKAS website here.

In a nutshell

Firstly a Certification Body does not have to be accredited by a national accreditation body such as UKAS.

However, if they are not are they able to demonstrate that they have been assessed by an independent, recognised body? Additionally are they able to demonstrate competence, capability & the impartiality required to conduct assessments which are accepted universally?

UKAS is the only UK Accreditation Body & we cannot highlight the importance of this enough.

This week

This week we have been busy auditing a company in Shrewsbury who are looking to achieve UKAS ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Further Information

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