No Brexit Deal and Timber Importing

No Brexit Deal and Timber Importing

If you are in the timber or wood trade in the UK, you may be asking yourself what effect a no-deal Brexit may have on your business.

Although negotiations are progressing well, and both the UK and the EU are working hard to seek a positive deal. It is always best to prepare for all eventualities, should we come to a ‘no deal’ scenario.

At present any business looking to place timber on the EU or EEA market for the first time must take steps to ensure that they originate from legal sources. This applies to both imported and domestically produced timber.

Businesses with products already placed on the EU and EEA market must keep a record of who they buy timber from and to who they will sell it.

If there is a no Brexit Deal

Once the UK has left the EU, the laws will no longer apply. This will mean that the UK will have to implement its own timber regulation and UK FLEGT regulation.

If we have a ‘no deal’ situation businesses that are importing timber from the EU and EEA and placing it on the UK market, would have to demonstrate that they are importing legally harvested timber.

This will mean gathering information on timber including its species, quantity, supplier, country of harvest and compliance.

It will also mean assessing the risk of timber being illegal. and mitigating any identified risk by obtaining additional information or taking further steps to verify legality.

This currently is what businesses have to do when they import timber from the rest of the world, and this process will not change. It will just mean that any EU and EEA markets will also be incorporated within this.

FSC® and PEFC Certification

FSC® and PEFC Certification work throughout the entire supply chain.

This not only allows consumers to clearly identify and purchase from well-managed forests but also promotes good practices in the forest. This ensures timber and pulp products are produced to the highest standard, whilst respecting the environment and people who live in these forests.

About Interface NRM

Interface NRM is a UKAS and ASI Accredited Certification Body. We have an office based in Telford, serving the Birmingham conurbation, Midlands and the North, and Bournemouth covering the South.

In addition to FSC® and PEFC Certification, we also offer UKAS ISO 9001:2015, UKAS ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification Services.

If you would like further information on how FSC® and PEFC could benefit your organisation please use the contact us form below. One of our team will then get in contact at a time that is convenient for you.

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