Interface NRM Telford & Bournemouth Extension To UKAS Scope

Interface NRM Telford & Bournemouth Extension To UKAS Scope

Interface NRM Telford & Bournemouth now has an extension to scope for their UKAS ISO 9001:2015, UKAS ISO 14001:2015, UKAS BS OHSAS:2007 Accreditation.

We now have an extension to scope covering the following areas:

EA17 – Basic Metals and Fabricated Products.

  • Manufacture of structural metal products.
  • Treatment and coating of metals; machining.
  • Manufacture of cutlery, tools and general hardware.
  • Manufacture of other fabricated metal products.

EA18 – Machinery and Equipment.

  • Manufacture of general purpose machinery.
  • Manufacture of other general purpose machinery.
  • Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery.
  • Manufacture of metal forming machinery and machine tools.
  • Manufacture of other special purpose machinery.
  • Repair of machinery.
  • Installation of industrial machinery and equipment.

EA19 – Electrical and Optical Equipment.

  • Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products.

EA23 – Manufacturing (not elsewhere specified).

  • Manufacture of furniture.
  • Manufacture of sports goods.
  • Manufacture of games and toys.
  • Manufacture of brooms and brushes.
  • Repair and installation of machinery.
  • Repair of other equipment.

EA28 – Construction.

  • Construction of buildings.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities.
  • Building completion and finishing.
  • Other specialised construction activities.

EA31 – Transport Storage and Communication.

  • Other passenger land transport.
  • Freight transport by road and removal services.
  • Warehousing and support activities for transportation.
  • Postal and courier activities.

EA32 – Financial Intermediation, Real Estate and Renting

  • Rental and leasing activities

Obtaining UKAS Certification

Firstly, If you would be interested in obtaining UKAS ISO 9001:2015, UKAS ISO 14001:2015 or BS OHSAS 18001:2007 within any of the above sectors. Please do get in touch with us.

Our team are on hand 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Thursday, and would be more than happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

You can contact us by calling 01952 288325, initiating a live chat or by using our contact us form.

You can also find additional information on our services by visiting our website.

Get a quote for UKAS Certification

Finally, If you would like a quote for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 certification, you can request one easily by using our request a free quotation form.


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