Glastonbury Festival Bans The Sale of Single Use Plastic

Glastonbury Festival Bans The Sale of Single Use Plastic

Glastonbury Festival Bans The Sale of Single-Use Plastic

Festival season kicks off with a bang this weekend as masses of music fans swarm to Glastonbury.

The festival did not take place last year so that the land was allowed to rest. However, it returns with force in 2019.

Plastic bottles will not be available to buy at the Glastonbury Festival this year

In a push to be more eco-friendly for the first time, single-use plastic will not be available to buy at this year’s festival.

Festival-goers are instead encouraged to use a reusable water bottle. Hundreds of taps have been supplied around the site to provide water of the same quality as at home.

The official policy states ‘All food service disposable/serve ware including straws and hot drink lids – must be made from paper, card, wood or leaves and be full compostable’.

FSC® & PEFC™ Chain of Custody certification

Whilst this is a huge and fantastic move by the festival, are the paper, card and wood products being used in place of plastic from a sustainable source?

This is where FSC® and PEFC™ certification comes into the equation.

Both FSC® and PEFC™ shows that the products are responsibly sourced.

They require that there is traceability at every point from the forest right the way through to the end consumer.

This gives the end user the assurance that the products they are using are responsibly sourced.

You can also learn more about FSC® and PEFC™ certification on our website.

Interface NRM

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We offer both FSC® and PEFC™ certification services.

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