FSC® Chain of Custody Certification In The Fencing Industry

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification In The Fencing Industry

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification In The Fencing Industry

This week has seen a significant rise in the number of requests for FSC® Chain of Custody Certification, particularly within the Fencing Industries.

On further investigation, it appears that their customers are increasingly requesting products from sustainable sources.

This is where FSC® Chain of Custody Certification come in.

What is FSC® Chain of Custody Certification?

Firstly, FSC® Chain of Custody Certification ensures that from forest to end user, the FSC® materials have been traced at every stage, and the logo allows the customers to identify that the products they purchase come from well-managed forests with high ethical standards.

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification is increasingly becoming a basic requirement for any company in the sectors wishing to display a responsible approach to purchasing.

It demonstrates that you are committed to responsible practices, as well a showing compliance in this area, in tender documents and pre-qualification questionnaires.

With FSC® Certification you can access new markets and gain a stronger, more diverse customer base.

It can give you a competitive advantage by enhancing your reputation, attracting new customers to your organisation.

Did you also know that 50% of the UK public recognise the FSC logo? Additionally, 72% are very or fairly likely to give preference to certified products.

You can find further information on this on our website here.

How much does FSC® Chain of Custody Certification Cost?

To find out how much FSC® Chain of Custody Certification could cost your organisation please complete the form below, and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.


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