Congo Basin Forest Monitoring Project

Congo Basin Forest Monitoring Project

Interface NRM and the Congo Basin Forest Monitoring Project

 The Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) commissioned a study by Interface NRM Limited to conduct and report on a desk review and site visit of the Systeme Normalise d’Observation Independante Externe (SNOIE), a standardised system of external independent monitoring, primarily designed for Independent Forest Monitoring (IFM).

SNOIE is a set of policies, manuals, procedures and tools for controlling their process and ensuring outputs and findings are replicable and consistent.

The overall aim of the study was to assess the compliance of SNOIE against ISO 9001:2015, and draw out the key lessons from the implementation of SNOIE that are relevant for addressing the challenges faced by IFM I.E. credibility, responsiveness, relationship with government, private sector etc.

The overall finding of this was that SNOIE provides a reliable and effective mechanism for IFM (Independent Forest Monitoring). Key interested parties confirmed this, including Ministry of Forests, GAFC (Groupement de Acteurs du secteur Forestier an Cameroun), EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) and Transparency International Cameroon.

SNOIE was praised for providing objective, evidence based reporting, with finding clearly linked to specific laws and clauses within these laws. It was noted by a number of interested paries that SNOIE is very special and/or unique in providing such a standardised and quality assured method of reporting. As such, it is felt that SNOIE is very worthy of support.

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