Changes to the FSC® labels

Changes to the FSC®labels


Changes to the FSC® labels

Yesterday we were notified of a couple of Changes to the FSC® labels. In particular the MIX label text.

They have amended the label text to read supporting responsible forestry rather than from responsible sources.

When will the new label be launched?

The new label will be launched in January 2022.

However, from the date of the launch certificate holders will have a transition period of 2.5 years. During which time the old and/or new label may be used.

We would urge our current certificate holders who use this to introduce the new label as part of their ongoing artwork revisions.

Product type ‘Rubber’

In addition to the above change on the MIX label, there has also been a slight change to one of the product types.

From January 2021 the product type ‘Rubber’ will be replaced with ‘Natural Rubber’. This is to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the claim. In particular to avoid any confusion relating to sythetic rubber.

Again we would urge our current certificate holders to start using these in any new artworks submitted for approval.

The hope is that there will be an organic transition from the one product type to the other.


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