Vehicle Recyclers’ Association Certification Update


Vehicle Recyclers’ Association Certification Update

Here is a Vehicle Recyclers’ Association Certification Update. We recently had an article published in the VRAs Quarterly Magazine, updating vehicle recyclers on the progress being made on the VRAC Certification Scheme.

Here you can have a read of the full article (note: the full magazine is only available to VRA Members).

In Brief

Below are briefly noted a few of the main points of the article.

Over 45 (now over 60) recyclers have been audited.

33 (now 43) recyclers are now certified to the standard.

Most of the commonly occurring issues centre around traceability of parts, vehicle/parts recalls, quality grading of parts, correct company licensing or reselling of uncertified parts.

Ryan Stevens – Lead VRAC Auditor at Interface, outlined some of his experiences in auditing the recyclers. Ryan mentioned he’d been “pleasantly surprised” by the level of professionalism, technology in use, customer care, and sales processes observed at audits.

Some Extra Points of Interest

It may be worth noting, that the clients who sailed through the initial certification process are broadly the same clients who already have ISO Management Systems in place prior to looking to secure VRAC Certification.

This is probably down to a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are already serious about driving their business forward through external certification. Secondly, a requirement within the VRA standard is the need for a quality management system. One of the requirements of ISO 9001 is identification and traceability which is also intrinsic to the VRA Standard. So there is clearly some useful overlap between.

Due to this overlap, we are exploring the option of including the VRA Standard in our Integrated Management Systems offer. This would allow any recyclers who wanted to acquire or transfer ISO certification with us to include their VRAC Certification audit, thus cutting down on audit time for clients and bringing them together into one comprehensive management system.

Interface NRM

Interface NRM is a UKAS Accredited Certification Body. We are one of only two certification bodies able to certify to the VRA Standard.

We offer VRAC Certification, ISO 9, 14 & 45001 Certification, and FSC® & PEFC Certification.

You can request a quote on our website

Alternatively, you can call us on 01952 288322 or initiate a live chat, we’re always available for a chat however you contact us!

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