PEFC™ Event Forests For Fashion - From Forest To Wardrobe

PEFC Event Forests For Fashion – From Forest To Wardrobe.

The 22nd of May 2019 will see the PEFC Event Forests For Fashion – From Forest To Wardrobe taking place in Shoreditch, London.

Forests for Fashion.

Did you know that today almost 7% of our textiles are produced from wood fibres?

In addition, this is anticipated to grow to around 30% by 2023.

During this event, you can discover how fibres from sustainably managed forests can also unlock opportunities for sustainability in fashion.

Highlights for the event.

Why forests matter and also the role of PEFC – PEFC UK.

PEFC’s ‘Forests for Fashion’ initiative – in partnership with UNECE.

Sustainability lessons from organic cotton’s transformation journey too.

Are you interested in attending?

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