Are you communicating your FSC® certification?

Are you communicating your FSC® certification

Are you communicating your FSC® certification?

We would love to hear how you are communicating your FSC® certification to your clients.

Are you using the trademarks to promote your certification? If so where are you using them?

Would you like more information on how to promote your certification?

Is there anything more we could do to assist you with this?

FSC® Forest Matters April 2021

Last month I had a conversation with Danielle at FSC UK with regards to certificate holders and the use of trademarks.

Following on from this Danielle published an article in the April edition of Forest Matters.

Also included in this article were links to FSC-STD-50-001 V2which is the standard covering the use of the trademarks, and a link to the trademark quick guide.

Both FSC UK and ourselves would really like to hear from you as to whether there is anything more you would like to assist you with promoting this certification.

Let us know

In the first instance if there is anything more you would like please email me directly I will then liaise with FSC UK directly on any further information you would like.

Additionally, if you are promoting your certification through social media or blog pages please do let me know. I am more than happy to like and share these posts across our pages too for you!

Case Study

Are you interested in providing us with a case study? If so please let me know.

I will then publish this across our client certification pages and all of our social media channels.