ADVICE-40-004-27 – Inclusion of the FSC® CFM claim in the Chain of Custody Certification


This advice note applies to the CoC organization aiming to include the FSC CFM claim in their product groups scope, whether to source as an eligible input only or also use it as an output claim.

This change in the FSC normative framework means that material originating from a forest management certified against FSC-STD-30-010 V2-0 (with the FSC CW claim), will be sourced as FSC CFM, once the certification is transitioned to V3-0 of the standard. It does not affect the chain of custody for material previously purchased and sold as FSC CW.

Changes to COC – What does this mean.

FSC CFM claim could be received, accepted and sold by Certificate Holders. This claim could also be used as an input into an FSC transfer, percentage or credit system.

Certificate Holder’s will require this claim to add this to their scope in the same way as any other product type or claim.

(1.1) The organization shall establish separate product groups for the purpose of controlling the FSC CFM claim.

2. Material sourcing

2.1 The organization shall consider the FSC CFM claim as an eligible input according to the FSC claim specified for the outputs of a product group. Table B has been amended accordingly.

Supplier validation shall be completed to ensure that the supplier has this claim in scope. Purchase documentation shall be reviewed to ensure that this correct.

Material accounting records and annual volume summary shall also be adapted to reflect this input and sale.



  • 1 The organization shall consider FSC CFM as an eligible FSC claim for output products. Table C has been amended accordingly.
  • As with FSC controlled wood this claim is only applicable to be sold to FSC certified customers if the products are raw or semi-finished.
  • NOTE: The claim can also be presented as “FSC Controlled Forest Management”.


 Transfer system
  • Update to table D for multiple inputs.
  • CH may choose to pass this claim on. They may also choose downgrade this claim to FSC controlled wood.


FSC Percentage and credit systems.
  • Claim-contributing input: Input material that counts towards the determination of the FSC Mix or FSC Recycled claims for products controlled under the percentage or credit system. Eligible claim-contributing inputs are the following: FSC-certified materials (except FSC CFM), post-consumer reclaimed materials, and pre-consumer reclaimed paper.
  • NOTE: Product groups that are exclusively made of reclaimed material, controlled material, FSC CFM and/or FSC Controlled Wood are not eligible to be sold with the FSC Mix claim.
  • The guidance document doesn’t contain much on this requirement however it isn’t considered a claim contributing input, FSC CFM should therefore be treated the same as FSC controlled wood.



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