paul chadderton iso 9001

Paul Chadderton ~ Operations Director

Professional Profile:
I have worked for Interface NRM since 2010 having spent 22 years in the British Army.

Personal Profile:
Always on the go; too much to do and never enough hours. I spend my time doing one thing after the other, from coaching kids football to fulfilling my duties as Chairman of the REME Association Shropshire Branch.

Personal Hero:
Luke Skywalker

If I won the Lottery:
Early retirement, and buy a caribbean island.

Pet Peeves:
Inattention to detail.

Favorite Quote:
Dr. Kelso: Son, do you think I got to be chief of medicine by being late?
Dr. Cox: Nooo, Bobbo! You got there by back-stabbing and ass-kissing.
Dr. Kelso: Maybe so, but I started those things promptly at 8. ~ Scrubs

What you do to relax:
When I do have spare time, I enjoy watching/supporting AFC Telford